Friday, January 18, 2013

yarn braids!

we did one of Coffee beans favorite styles yesterday!
it took a little over four hours! but will hopefully last a few months =)

checkout our how to video page to watch a tutorial!!


  1. These look so cute! I like the different colors you used. I was wondering how you made the switch from what looks like black yarn to the purple and pink yarn. Also, did you use rubber bands to finish them off? I've done pink yarn twists in my daughter's hair, but I like this look and I think she would, too.

  2. Hey! thanks for commenting!
    its really easy! but kind of hard to explain!
    I will make a tutorial for you =)


  3. Oh! and Yes I used rubber bands on the ends =)

  4. Thanks! I just found your blog recently and I really like it. My daughter is also adopted from Ethiopia. I'll be stopping by the blog again for sure!

  5. so fun!
    feel free to asked me any questions!!

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