Saturday, October 13, 2012

Product Review: Sidewinders!!

 What is it?: a fun alternative to beads!

Who's if for?: any girl with any hair type!

How do you use it?:

Colors: we got sky blue, midnight blue, grape purple, and raspberry pink, but they come in almost any color you can think of!!!

whats the cost?: you get many different options from a set of, two 2", two 1", one 3" for $5.00, or a 76 color packs for $75.00

things we loved about sidewinders: so easy to use! all my sisters LOVED them, you can use them no matter how old you are!, they don't cause breakage like beads with rubber bands do, and they can be used on almost any style! 

things we didn't like about sidewinders: the only thing us that we need to get more next time!

the styles you can do with sidewinders are never ending!!! 

Don't forget that christmas is coming up! these would make great stocking stuffers!! 

go check them out for yourself! ~ and when you get there make sure you tell them that Happy Hair sent you! 

have you used these?? comment below and tell us what you thought about them!!


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