Friday, September 21, 2012

product review!

Splat washables!

         What is it?:
      washable Hair dye 

        who's it for?:  
     any Hair color! 

        how to use it:
 on dry hair apply a small amount to the section of hair you want to dye, then using the brush that comes in the box, comb the color through your hair, and let dry.

we used blue but it comes in lots of colors! 

      like paint 


                       What we Liked about this product:
  its vary easy to apply! we love the bright color for soccer games and school spirit! and it washes out easy! 

                       what we didn't like about it:
  it was a little crunchy especially on the curly hair.

      Overall we LOVED it!! 

TIP! we used a blowdryer to help it dry faster! 

        Have you used this product?? comment below and tell us what you think!! 


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