Friday, September 14, 2012

how too: cornrowed french braids

                                 what you'll need: A rat tail comb, leave in moisturizer

    #1.  start with clean moisturized hair, and part hair from the nose to the back of the neck.

               #2.    start on one side, and part a triangle, cornrow three (or more) cornrows.

                       #3.  make a part from the tip of your triangle to the back of the head.

                                                  #4. cornrow the top half. 

   #5. cornrow the bottom half (make sure you line up your cornrows to mirror the top half)

                                    #6.   repete on the other side and your done!!

TIP! we added large beads to the ends of the braids then a few days later we took out the beads and added a bow.

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  1. Hello I really like the style but I feel like I am missing a part. How do you make a braid with only the two rows? The hair looks like it is braided but is it a different way to make a twist/braid?
    I'm sorry if this question is a bit obvious but I the only style I know how to do is ponytails and I'm a little confused.
    Thanks, Kim

  2. Hi, are you working on one side of her head? after you part the hair from the forehead to the back of the neck (step #1) take one of the sides and tie it back, you have to go through the steps first on one side, then when that side is completely braided do the same steps on the other side. when your on step #4 you braid the top half, then braid the half thats under that up so that they meet in the middle. I hope this answers your question! if you still need help feel free to email me ( and i will give you a more detailed example with pictures, Haylie